This site is part art project and part programming project. My husband and I crafted the prompts together as a constrained writing exercise. The prompts were submitted to Midjourney using Discord. The prompts used are at the bottom of each page so that you can see how they were formed and create from similar works. All images in this site were generated with Midjourney V4. Every image associated with this site is available to Midjourney users in a collection on Midjourney.

Tech Stack

This site is built in Python with Flask, styled with Skeleton CSS, served via Gunicorn with Google Cloud Run. The source is freely available on GitLab. Feel free to remix and deploy your own flavor.


My name is Brie Carranza. I blog at brie.dev. A few times a year, I tweet. My HELIANTHUS photo gallery is at 🌻 sunflower.gallery.